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Each artist – be it a dancer, painter, musician - has something unique that he or she wants to say to the world – an idea that needs to be given a voice.  My passion lies in unlocking the astounding depth of color that surrounds us, especially in nature.   Like that first day when fall finally comes to Texas after the eternal summer, and we wake up one morning to find the sky a brilliant, Colorado blue.  Or the emerald majesty of a live oak, excited to be alive after a year of abundant rain.


The best reward is having someone see something in my work that provides a little window into real life, beyond all the hyper-fast buzz of our modern world.  My learning continues every day, just by observing nature, poking around antique shops, or stealing a candid photo of people enjoying today for what it is.

Theresa Vincent is a native Texan who currently lives in Austin with her husband, Wayne.  She attended the Glassell School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and has had the opportunity to study with a variety of of gifted art masters.  Her works have won multiple awards through the years, including two Best of Show distinctions.  

About the Artist - Theresa Vincent Art

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